Work From Home Online Jobs for 2022

With Coronavirus running the show and no sign of the current quarantine conditions being lifted, much of today’s professional scene is being transferred to the comfort and seclusion of the home office.

The advent of the internet has made it possible for a variety of professionals from all types of industries to make a worthy income from their homes and there is work enough for all. Best of all many of the jobs available will not require any expensive technology or equipment that you don’t already have at home.

You will have to be on the lookout for the considerable scoundrels and swindler’s in this job market. But if you have a mind to work, you can find full time employment without a small advance of money or purchasing specific products.

So, dust off your portfolio, make some adjustments to your resume and prepare to join what TIME magazine has called “The Largest Work from Home Experiment of All Times.” Here are some of the best work from home online jobs available to the stay-at-home professional.

Virtual Assistant — Annual Average: $26,500

With so much of the professional world in the digital realm, the need for a top-notch virtual assistant is higher than ever. The upper percentages of virtual assistants are making over $43,000 a year to keep their employers updated, organized and on top of a variety of administrative tasks.

Many of the duties of a virtual assistant will involve creative or technical services. This may include preparing documents, responding to correspondence, addressing technical issues and a variety of other important tasks. Some valuable skills for a virtual assistant would include initiative, communication, self-discipline, visual arts, word processing, digital office and any other digital skills.

Translator — Annual Average: $50,000

If you dominate two languages, you will find plenty of work translating between the two. Some of the higher paying jobs will require a Bachelor’s Degree but not all. The most important skill here is the capacity to accurately convey information between languages.

Online translators can work in a variety of scenarios. As freelancers or online contractors, they can translate and edit translations in text format. Other translators can work on the phone providing running translations in real time. Sometimes, even providing translations for doctors communicating with their patients. As you may imagine, your capacity as an online translator will be determined by your specific skills and capacity with language.

Communication skills will be very important in this line of work, and discipline and focus will drive your efforts forward in a variety of professional positions. Once again, your capacity to communicate clearly and fluently within the languages is your strongest asset here.

Web Developer — Annual Average $69,000

If you have a knack for the art and skill of web development, there are some particularly lucrative work from home online jobs available to you in 2021. Because the work of building and managing a website can be done remotely in this modern day and age, this a low-capital startup is perfect for the budding web developer.

You will absolutely need a strong portfolio of websites you have constructed that showcases your capacity as web developer. If you have experience building and managing impressive websites, this is far more important than any certification in digital marketing. Other requisites will be your postsecondary education and the proper equipment to deliver top-notch web work.

Social Media Manager — Annual Average $50,473

If you have a deep understanding of the inner workings of the social media scene, you may be the very person to help a startup business or major corporation manage their social media campaigns. This is a new frontier of employment and the only thing that really matters is experience and proven results in commanding a social media presence. The best thing to do is market your skills to a team or company that can really use them — and who can’t use more likes, positive social media interactions and followers?